Barry spent 25 years as a successful businessman working for companies like Oracle and  BT. He was recognised at Oracle with "Worldwide salesman of the year" award and later became a Sales and Marketing Director. He was lucky enough to marry a wonderful woman and have two lovely children. However, despite success in both professional and personal life he felt something was missing, found it difficult to enjoy the benefits of his life and often experienced stress.

For 20 years he had been learning from a number of alternative and spiritual teachers searching for a way to cope with his stress and unhappiness, and even maybe achieve some joy. During this process he learnt a lot about himself, some of the common themes behind many of these practices and how to make practical use of them.  He was fortunate to meet Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in 2003 and find a teacher and set of arts that encapsulated and enhanced what he had been looking for. After a number of years practice he was authorised to teach these skills to others.

Barry retrained as a psychotherapist in 2000 and is accredited by the BACP. He works in a psychiatric hospital in London both as a psychotherapist and Chi Kung teacher. Working in both ways in this setting means he has to be able to understand and explain both approaches to clients, psychiatrists and other professionals. It means he has developed complete but simple and direct ways of passing on his understanding. This allows him to bring the best of western and eastern practices to help people struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and trauma, through to more serious psychiatric and physical conditions. He also has therapy and Chi Kung practices in Harley Street and Surrey.