Tim has a keen and vested interest in health and living a fulfilling and rewarding life.  He suffered chronically with childhood Asthma and was told he would never do sports and be like normal kids. He proved the experts wrong by becoming player of the year in a local football club and later in life a teacher of Kung Fu and Chi Kung and a successful business owner.

He has been practising martial arts for over 23 years and in 2002  was introduced to the teachings of Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit, world renowned authority on Shaolin Arts, Chi Kung and Zen and founder of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. 

Possessing a passion for helping others achieve a life of health and happiness Tim qualified as a massage therapist in 2001, shortly after qualifying as a Zero Balancer (the art of balancing body energy with body structure).

In 2005 Tim was bestowed the great honour and privilege to teach Shaolin Kung Fu, and later on Chi Kung, Chi Kung Therapy and Choe Family Wing Choon.

Areas of interest
For Tim life has become about what you can achieve, against the odds. In business he helps others reach their goals and gives talks on 'The Kung Fu of Business… the path to success'. 

He also has a great passion and understanding for holistic health and is able to pass on his knowledge in an easy, enjoyable and effective way so that others can benefit from arts he has learnt and studies.

Treatments and learning
Tim currently works in the southern region of West Sussex and can be booked for one to one treatments and tuition, talks on health or business and group classes or courses.

A Small extract from Tim’s forthcoming book

Shaolin Book of Business
Unlocking the secrets to a happy, successful and rewarding life

It is said that the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu helps you develop physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Even though you train everyday to become a proficient fighter, able to protect yourself and others, you do not look for the fights. In truth you try to avoid them and are often able to pacify a situation before it escalates. 

As a by product of your training your mind becomes clear, risk and danger are easier to spot and simpler to handle when they arrive. Your emotions become tamed, no longer do you react with anger or become stricken with fear and your increased energy carries you through challenges without fatigue. The onlooker sees a calm, well balanced and centred individual that stands out from the crowd, yet gets on with everyone. Inside the practitioner experiences happiness and joy, nothing is a problem, there are only challenges and experiences. 

This is the life of a Shaolin practitioner, one who follows and understands the path of harmony and is able to apply its principles and skills to anything in life, especially the art of business.

In business we may become the master of our given field, but do we become the master of ourselves? Many business people are excellent at what they do, yet are unable to dissolve stressful situations and pressure without taking some of it home. As a result of carrying stress their job becomes a burden on their family, negatively effecting the quality of relationships. The pressure of running a business, gaining promotion or reaching targets takes its toll and instead of finding the happiness that success was meant to bring the person becomes drained, unable to live life to the full.