Fully Alive

We are three ordinary people who have been lucky enough to find and practice an extraordinary art. Over 2000 years old, it offers practical solutions to real life challenges. Chi Kung has fundamentally changed us. It has cleared illness, improved our health, increased our ability to be calm under pressure, led to us having more energy and given us practical skills we apply in our everyday work and home lives. Our aim is to make those things available to as many people as possible – the chance to be Fully Alive.

Chi Kung is not magic – although the results achieved often seem miraculous. It is rooted in a deep understanding of
1.      the way illness, lack of energy and unhelpful emotional/mental states arise 
2.      the natural way the human mind and body can heal itself.

Modern neuroscience, psychology, biology and even business continue to uncover the mechanisms that underpin good health and happiness. Increasingly these discoveries help explain how the Chi Kung we teach helps free people from the things that get in the way of wellbeing. We have each been teaching these skills separately in business, psychiatric hospitals and to ordinary people for a number of years. Fully Alive is a way of us coming together and bringing the benefits of Chi Kung to as wide an audience as possible.