Mark started his journey into the martial arts and self development at the age of 13 when he started learning Traditional Kung Fu and Chi kung. The exposure to these arts set Mark on journey that has taken him all over the world and has been a defining drive and influence in his life.

This let mark to travel the world, he has  lived in Asia for considerable periods of time studying these arts. And the concepts of development on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level inherent in them

This caused mark to develop a passion for health that led him to become a mental health nurse, working in all area’s mental health, but especially in Health Education, Addiction and Child/Adolescent Mental Health. It was working in this environment that Mark started to become aware of the potential of Chi Kung to be able to help people.

He first met Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in 2001 and realised that he had met a master that embodied the essence of Shaolin and the arts. More importantly he was able to transmit and teach them. Marks time with his teacher has led him to enrich and change his life, because of the Arts that he has been taught and practised.

Mark became inspired to start to study Chinese Medicine as way to develop a deeper understanding of the arts. The more Mark progressed he became aware that there Chinese medicine gave him another way to look at health and development. This knowledge and understanding combined with Marks considerable Mental Health experience, led him to gain unique insights peoples developments and how the arts influenced this development.

He works as a Chinese Health Practitioner and teaches Chi Kung and Kung Fu

Equilibrium Therapies- Balancing Flow, Restoring Health

Zen Treasures School of Shaolin Arts